• 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
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Let me be your Toy <3


Age: 21
Hair color: Brown
Sign: Libra
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Height: 5'57" / 160 cm
Favourite position: Oral
BodyArt: None
Eye color: Blue eyes


If I'm momentarily not online, then...

you will most likely find me studying in some random cafe, or at a Friends place watching Netflix. i also like to read, and when i find the time i love to Videogame :)

The best party, I ever attended

A homeparty by my best friend - lots of good Music, Drinks, fun People and a really hot quickie with my then-boyfriend in the bathroom ;)

My favorite sport

I love boxing and Jogging

The best book, I ever read

Lolita from Vladimir Nabokov

I would love to live in this city

Id love to live in Stockholm, it is really beautiful there, and the social system seems to be very good

A perfect date would look like this

Well, id love to just cook something nice, and watch Netflix with my date - maybe play a videogame, and just drink and talk - it is the best way to really get to know each other, without distraction like going out together.

I would love to do this at some point

I want to go to the hot pots in iceland and bath there….and maybe secretly get off by myself in there, but psssst ;)

I would take this items with me to a desert island

i know this is cheating but a friend, paper to draw and write, pencils, a book, and a Toolbox ;)

A dream partner would look like this

Im not very visual, it is more about humour and intelligence to me, but of course i want my Partner to take care of himself, to be well groomed, as i am doing the same. But i have to admit, im a sucker for a beautiful smile and shiny eyes.

The thing I like most on me

My blue eyes and my lips

My best characteristics

I am empathic and creative, i love to make People happy and give them Attention.

My favourite music

Im a big fan of lana del rey, she wants Revenge and chet faker

My favourite dish

I LOVE Food !!! I love chicken, Avocado, i love salads and, of Course, lasange. Also, Fresh baked bread is delicious.

What I like most about sex?

I like it when it is sensual, intense, slow, building up to hard deep thrusting...i also love oral. the way man will moan and look at me when i have their dick in my mouth makes me crazy.

What do I dislike in sex?

Im just not into anal. I tried it a few times, but it does not pleasure me. at all.

What was my hottest experience?

Sitting in the car with relatives, i havent worn a bra, and the way my clothes rubbed against my breasts made my nipples hard, it made my pussy wet and pulsating. I almost came on accident. i just couldnt wait to get out of that car and touch myself

What do I wish in sex?

I want Passion, hard breathing, soft Skin...i want to experience the other Person fully. i love all Kinds of sex and im opened to alot.

What do I like to try?

Id love to be the dominant part...

My favourite sex position

Having intimate, sensual missionary or getting fucked hard in doggy - I love all positions, it just depends on my mood ;)

My sexual fantasies

I want to learn how to squirt ; and how to have multiple orgasms whenever i want...i also am into getting caught and watched...

My most exceptional sex experience

I once got fucked hard by my then-boyfriend in a pool - it felt wild, hard and passionate. to feel the water against my Skin and to feel weightless - I orgasmed very intensly.

My most exiting erotic experience

I got caught by someone while masturbating, when i where about to cum....it felt like i couldnt stop orgamn, even thought it been embarassing, i secretly wish for it to happen again

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